Houghton College Buffalo: at Hope House

an Associate of Arts degree program for justice-involved and at-risk students

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please contact:

Program Director, Rebekah Kimble

by phone at (716) 352-5615

or by email at rebekah.kimble@houghton.edu

Houghton College Buffalo: Hope House is an extension of Houghton College, a nationally acclaimed private college in Western New York since 1883. You will earn an Associate of Arts degree and be taught by caring professors and tutors in a small, supportive environment that allows you to grow academically and thrive socially. Peaceprints of WNY will provide other wrap-around services that you need to be successful.

Using a cohort structure that fosters a sense of community, safety and camaraderie, the content of the curriculum emphasizes your intellectual and cultural development by introducing you to the great ideas found in the sciences, humanities and social sciences. These classes, in which you will practice reading, writing and thinking skills, are designed to allow you to grow as a student and as a person.

These classes are supplemented by targeted business courses that emphasize workplace readiness, and the whole curriculum is capped by internships in local Buffalo enterprises carefully selected according to your interests and aptitudes. These Buffalo business are all committed to your success.

If you financially qualify, you will attend debt-free and be able to graduate in two years. To further help you succeed, you will be provided with a laptop computer, textbooks, and monthly bus passes. Don’t miss this new and extraordinary opportunity to earn a college degree debt-free and prepare for employment.



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