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Prison In-Reach Program

Cephas Prison Support Groups exist to provide individuals in prison an opportunity to initiate the process of transition.  The support group’s enable individual’s to develop a sense of self-worth while realizing the worth of others.

The Cephas Program’s support groups serve as many as 200 incarcerated individuals on a weekly basis. Group sizes range from 6-18 inmates and 2-6 Cephas program volunteers. The group setting facilitates open dialogue between all those participating about the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that are responsible for difficult life situations. Often critical factors are repudiated or linger undiscovered for years until they are brought to light during a Cephas group session.

There are 9 weekly support groups located within the walls of 7 participating correctional facilities across Western New York. Participating facilities include:

  • Albion
  • Attica
  • Collins
  • Gowanda
  • Groveland
  • Orleans
  • Wyoming

Reentry Workshops

In direct collaboration with NYS Correctional Facilities, full day, Reentry Workshops facilitated by Peaceprints of WNY are held monthly within local correctional facilities to Phase III, soon to be released, inmates.  The workshops provide a comprehensive overview of the reentry process; topics include barriers, housing, community resources, employment, mandates and programming. If you are interested in hosting a Reentry Workshop, please contact our Administrative Office for more information.