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Just Buffalo Book Club

We started this series with three goals:  

  1. Help our community understand issues of injustice and access.

  2. Highlight the work of the incredible nonprofits fighting on the front lines of these issues.

  3. Understand what steps we can all take toward a solution.

We intend to deliver on these goals again and again throughout the year as we partner with a different organization every other month to read and virtually discuss a book they’ve selected. The organizations we are collaborating with each work to combat a different area of social inequity, and their book choices will reflect their organization’s focus!

Read along with us throughout the year as we explore issues of mass incarceration, environmental justice, LGBTQ+ rights, the refugee crisis, disability advocacy, and more! Our guided discussions will cover the book’s general themes and takeaways and how it relates directly to our community. Sometimes, we might send out a survey or ask you to submit your questions prior to the meeting. While we hope you read each of the books, we understand daily life can get in the way, and you might not always have time to finish reading before the meeting– that’s okay! We think you’ll still get something out of joining and participating in the discussion.

Here's a peek at our 2021 schedule!