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Your support brings hope to our community.

Mass incarceration and mass supervision are a problem directly affecting almost 7 million people in our country, but the problem goes even deeper than that. For every individual in the justice system, there are a number of friends, family, and neighbors who also feel the effect of their loved one’s incarceration.

When you make a donation to Peaceprints of WNY, you are funding affordable housing opportunities, workforce development, educational opportunities, and a second chance to right wrongs. Your support provides our clients the resources and opportunities to recover and rebuild. With every client who is afforded a second chance, loved ones are reunited, children are supported, friendships begin to heal, businesses hire new employees, neighborhoods thrive, and our community is restored.

These transformations do not happen in a vacuum. Peaceprints is devoted to our clients and their success, but we rely on the support of donors like you.

Please consider making a donation to Peaceprints of WNY and joining us as we strengthen communities by rebuilding lives.


Where do your dollars go?

Producing programs with recidivism rates 60% lower than the national average.


Providing individualized need-based services and follow up to over 700 clients

Offering temporary, supportive, and independent affordable housing to over 250 individuals


Providing resources to people 16 and older across 7 counties in New York State.

Thank you for all you make possible!